Relationships and Growing Up (RGU) Education is about caring friendships, families and people who care for me, respectful relationships, online relationships, being safe, growing up and puberty. It contributes to the foundation of PSHE and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development and promotes equality between individuals and groups whilst recognising, accepting and respecting differences. 

RGU lessons are age appropriate and are an excellent forum to provide pupils with life-skills that will enable them to make informed decisions and protect themselves against harmful situations. It is therefore an important tool to safeguard children.

Our Relationships and Growing Up Education policy

Guide for parents Relationships Education

What is taught in the RGU lessons?

Within these lessons, we will discuss NSPCC PANTS initiative with all pupils. The PANTS rule helps children understand that their body belongs to them, and they should tell someone they trust if anything makes them feel upset or worried.

NSPCC PANTS rule- Pantosaurus- click here to watch the song

If you would like to look at the resources we use in the lessons, please contact the school. These will be shared with parents in our upcoming workshop. 

Workshop for parents on Monday 20th May 2024 3:15-3:45pm.

At Woodlands, we feel very proud to be one of the many schools across Ealing, Brent and Harrow who have been working on ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) through a FGM community project.  Therefore, pupils in KS2 (Year 3-6) will learn about ‘My Body, My Rules’ as part of the FGM lessons. These are the only lessons currently covered at Woodlands which are compulsory (parents can withdraw consent). All other RGU lessons are compulsory.