Promoting British Values

At Woodlands Academy we believe that children should have a strong understanding of what it means to be British. We provide our children with opportunities to explore their own cultures and appreciate how Britain has been influenced by other cultures and beliefs.  The 4 school values we have in school are embedded within our curriculum and we encourage pupils to reflect upon their differences and explore their own role within our school and the wider society. Pupils are taught to be respectful and tolerant to those of different faiths and beliefs. 

  1. Democracy- to have a voice and be involved in decision making in and around school

  • We have an active School Council whose representatives were elected by their classmates to ensure that it was a fair and democratic process.
  • Each class has a class charter/ rules which they made as a class at the beginning of the academic year, in addition to our existing school rules.
  • We create a nurturing safe environment in school and encourage children to express their feelings.
  • We celebrate successes and mistakes so that children feel confident to ask questions and take ownership of their learning. 
  1. Individual Liberty- everyone has a right to express themselves, whilst considering others

  • Within our school, children have a range of individual and group responsibilities that they fulfill. The children in Year 6 had the opportunity to become Library leaders, giving them responsibility for taking care of our new library and helping younger children access the books.
  • We have Wellbeing Champions who were selected to encourage healthy eating in the dining hall with our token system and help pupils be active everyday with the High Intensity Interval Training workouts for pupils in the playground.
  • We keep each other safe by following school rules and knowing who to turn to when we need advice, e.g adults, safeguarding team and school councillors.
  • We encourage children to express themselves in their classrooms and engage with their learning by asking questions and accepting that mistakes help them learn.
  • Pupils take care of their environment in which they learn. A safe, nurturing classroom environment is evident in each class and pupils know that they have a calm corner/area they can use when needed. 
  1. Acceptance of different faiths and beliefs- understanding and respecting differences

  • Our RE curriculum ensures a broad and balanced coverage of the major religions, cultures and faiths including Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism.
  • We discuss and celebrate religious festivals throughout the year in assemblies.
  • We organise educational visits to places of worship.
  • We value tolerance of different beliefs and faiths; it is one of our school values discussed in assemblies. 
  1. Mutual respect- treating others how you wish to be treated

  • The PSHE curriculum encompasses three themes of Health and Wellbeing, Living in the Wider World and Relationships and Growing Up. Children learn about respect through ‘friendships’, ‘relationships’ and ‘bullying’ topics which emphasise the importance of respecting other pupils and adults around us. 
  • We use lots of positive praise and rewards for good behaviour and effort with our use of Class Dojos. Children work towards weekly individual and class goals. At the end of each week, we celebrate success by coming together for a whole school celebration assembly. 2 stars are chosen to receive celebration certificates either linked to the focus subject or one of our 4 school values.  Children get the opportunity to share their learning with the rest of the school and show respect towards each other. At the end of each half term, we share other successes including the half termly Rainbow Writer Award, TTRS champions and Class Dojo winners. These children then get an opportunity to visit the Reward Store for a prize. 
  • Adults are positive role models by using language, behaviour and activities that promote sharing, respect and tolerance in the classroom and on the playgrounds.
  • Adults challenge gender, racial or any other forms of stereotyping. Showing disrespect towards others results in sanctions, as outlined in our behaviour policy.
  • Respect is one of our four school values and encompasses everything we do in school. 
  1. The rule of law- making rules and decisions to keep everyone safe and happy at school

  • At Woodlands we have a clear ‘Going for Green’ behaviour policy to ensure that children follow the rules of our school. Children understand the sanctions if they do not follow the school rules and make wrong choices. The children know that when rules are followed they ‘stay on green’ and receive 5 dojos as a reward.
  • Throughout the year, we have themed weeks which focus on laws, rules and responsibilities they have in a wider context – e.g. Road safety, e-safety, Anti Bullying, Recycling, Fairtrade. 
  • Our School Council is used to raise pupil voice across the school. We communicate in person and using our learning platform Google Classroom. 
  • Teachers plan lessons across the curriculum  that are engaging. They use books, assemblies, special events, trips, speakers and festivals to teach values such as fairness, honesty, teamwork, safety and responsibility.