At Woodlands Academy we strive to ensure that every child enjoys learning and reaches their full potential. We promote a ‘whole school approach’ which involves all staff adopting a model of high quality inclusive practise. We are careful to ensure that all children have the same entitlement to the full range of the school curriculum; we are inclusive in our practice and appropriate accessibility is assured through differentiation and by adopting a range of teaching and learning strategies which cater for individual learning styles.

All teachers teach children with special educational needs and identify education needs at an early stage. Most needs can be met through quality classroom teaching but some children will require further support in addition to this. The school will provide a variety of support for children with SEND. This may include 1:1 intervention and group work. The school will also access external agencies when appropriate to enhance provision.

The needs of pupils vary in many ways and although they are referred to specifically as: Cognition and Learning; Social and Communication; Social, Mental, Emotional and Health; Physical and/or Sensory we are committed to ensuring that all children receive specific and targeted support to meet their individual needs effectively.

All parents should feel confident that their child’s progress is being carefully monitored. If staff feel additional support would be helpful for a pupil – either because they are exceptionally able or because they are experiencing difficulties in a particular area – we will consult you at an early stage. We strongly believe in early intervention to address the needs of individual children and if parents have any concerns about their child’s learning, they can make an appointment via the School Office.

Our school building is fully accessible for pupils with a physical disability; it is on a flat site with easy access to wheelchairs and there are disabled toilet facilities.

The school has access to several external agencies that can provide additional support. Where a need has been identified by the parents and/or by the school, the SEND Co-ordinator will seek advice and support from the appropriate agency in order to meet the needs of the child.

SEN report 22-23

To find out about ‘Special Education Needs Local Offer’, please visit the Ealing Council website.