Welcome to your Local Primary and Nursery School

Woodlands Academy wants to give pupils wide ranging opportunities to succeed in life at their local school. Our school is raising standards of achievement and significantly increasing the progress made by pupils.

Our team have created an atmosphere that fosters good academic achievement and also encourages high achievement in important areas like art, creativity and sports. Physical activity is important because a healthy body promotes a healthy mind, giving the children an improved ability to learn, remember and succeed. Woodlands Academy is a nurturing school that brings out the talents of all children. We think this success is down to working in close partnership with parents and making sure they have regular opportunities to meet with staff.

Woodlands Academy offers an all-through school experience from Nursery to Year 6. To further help parents, Woodlands runs successful breakfast and after school clubs which are nurturing and caring, helping to accommodate the needs of hard working modern families and provide an added opportunity for parents to link with staff.

Ms Harinder Rana