Our Vision – ‘Learning is a journey of discovery’

Woodlands Academy is a community that will nurture, challenge and strengthen pupil attitudes towards learning. Celebrating and sharing learning will help us navigate this journey, underpinning our learning community with joy and discovery.

Our Aims

To fulfill our mission statement, we aim to provide an outstanding quality and range of opportunity for learning.  The content of what we offer, will focus on what children need and this will include:

  • a range of skills and knowledge for life
  • knowledge and understanding of the world
  • emotional intelligence
  • spiritual and moral awareness
  • awe and wonder of the world

We engage our local community by extending our learning and inviting in our families.  To help achieve this, we have created an environment where positive relationships and interactions are encouraged. This promotes and nurtures our attitudes and dispositions towards learning. We encourage our pupils to have ‘an appetite to learn’ by being inquisitive and curious.

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