Woodlands Learning Environment

Welcome to the Woodlands Learning Environment Zone, where children can log in to their class pages.

Click on the link below to access the Woodlands Learning Environment.

The Learning Zone

Woodlands Academy is firmly committed to working with parents and carers to support the learning of pupils at Home. We embrace the positive impact and educational benefits that can be achieved through appropriate use of the Internet and associated communications technologies. We are also aware that inappropriate or misguided use can expose both adults and young people to unacceptable risks and dangers.

To that end, Woodlands Academy aims to provide a safe and secure environment which not only protects all people on the premises but also educates them on how to stay safe in the wider world.

It is the duty of the school to ensure that every child in their care is safe, and the same principles should apply to the ‘virtual’ or digital world as would be applied to the school’s physical buildings. Please see the School’s E-safety policy for more information.